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New Products
  • Dirty Love Magazine #05

    Dirty Love Magazine #05

    Contents: Capt’ Small Sword - Moxey’s Shovel - Bikes and Buds - Busted Knuckles - Hellboy Restorations - The Gov’Nor - KickStart Sunday #3 - Flatheads Forever - Slinging Ink: Levi Bell - Duffy’s Z2 Chopper - Chopper Porn (DVD’s) - Franken-Pan - Harry’s Bike Show - Bob’s Triton - Chopper-Pedia - Events Calendar - Batman64 pages, plus cover.

  • Vannin' (DVD)

    Vannin' (DVD)

    Affectionately dubbed by its patrons as 'The Van Nationals', the event is part camping, part car show, and all party. Largely thought to have gone the way of the dinosaur, the custom vanning scene and its traditions remain alive and well among a small and close-knit group of hardcore custom van owners.Told through the eyes of the event's patrons, Vannin' takes you in to the sun drenched world of 'show fields', 'puppy truckers', 's.l.u.t. buses', and the enigmatic 'two percent' movement; offering an entertaining all access look in to a unique American subculture that saw it's rapid rise and fall in the late 1970's.Featuring a raucous soundtrack by Danava, Heavy Times and Red Desert.Colour/60 mins

  • Greasy Kulture Magazine #40

    Greasy Kulture Magazine #40

    Dr Sprocket says ‘It’s only transportation’; Pure gold: Ryan Mullion’s Tiger Shack ‘Conquistador’ TR6 trike; Built to ride: Jeff Goo’s ‘51 Panhead; Joyrides Art Co! Mark Kawakami’s photography; Rene Astengo’s 1955 Chevy Bel Air Nomad; Charlie Foote’s ‘46 Chief bobjob; 51% Indian!; Born Free 6: Dr Sprocket’s top ten bikes; Todd Asin’s Born Free ‘47 Knucklehead; The Flanders Chopper Bash; El Daniel’s ‘48 flathead from Indonesia; Gak from Hawg Holic’s ‘Gold Mustache’ – it's ‘80s-tastic! 80 pages, full colour.

  • 'DicE Magazine #56

    'DicE Magazine #56

    Chock a block full of cool bikes, sexy people and stunning photography. The print smells really good too. Also in this issue you will find the very first print version of Bleached magazine. #56 of Dice is dedicated to our close friend Larry Pierce from Garage Co Customs in Alabama, who passed away just before we went to print. RIP brother, you will be sadly missed. Editorial - Todd - Carla - Michael & Wes - Jokers - Mark Drews. My Fav Things - Taylor - CK - Brad - Robin - Bleached - Jake - Scotty - Jeanette - Alan - Analog Run - Damon - Mullins - Bonbon and Keighty G - David - Dime - Big Scott

  • Best Bar in America (DVD)

    Best Bar in America (DVD)

    A whiskey-fueled writing assignment takes one man on an epic motorcycle road trip through the bars and taverns across the American West. Riding a 1960 BMW R60/2 motorcycle with a sidecar, Sanders (Andrew Rizzo) is a down-on-his-luck writer on a mission to chronicle every watering hole along the way. With help of fellow traveler and dharma bum, Northway (David Ackroyd) and a variety of other colorful characters along the way, Sanders learns the way of the road and the zen of the bar.  Motorcycling the West, sleeping on the ground, chasing mermaids, and drinking in America’s most legendary taverns, Sanders experiences firsthand the brotherhood of the bike and bar. Along the way, he gets advice from Ernest Hemingway and Jim Harrison on writing, drinking, and living life to the fullest. The Best Bar in America is a classic road movie for the modern age.Subtitles: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese Runtime: 87 mins plus many extras! Region: 0 (ALL regions guaranteed - USA, Europe, Japan OK!)"I was really hit and moved by it...It's mythologically important." ~Jeff "The Dude" Dowd of Lebowski fame  "I watched the movie last night and loved it. Hollywood could take a few lessons from you guys!" –Thanks, Jimmie  "I think you guys really nailed it in terms of what a motorcycle trip is all about and why we love to ride." –Peter, Bend, Oregon"Your movie makes me want to let out on the bike right now and never come back." -Jesse, Victor, Montana  "My 20-year-old son (who also rides) and I watched The Best Bar in America this evening. Wow! We were more than entertained; we were moved." -Micheal  "I've been riding bikes my whole life, and traveled the world over and have read just about everything I could ever put my hands on, and this is the best damn movie/writing I have seen in many a year. Kurasowa, Kerouac, Hemingway and Pirsig have come together in this man's heart and soul and given us one hell of a movie...One to keep, to be sure. Well done sir....well done! -Track  "Loved it. Great job." -TJ

  • 'Show Class Magazine #19

    'Show Class Magazine #19

    Issue 19 Features: Well, by now you know SC always feature lovely ladies for you to check out between the amazing bikes... in this issue SC have Tim O'Keefe's amazing Knucklehead, an Inner View with T-Bone from NOISE, a feature on Icon and a talk SC had with Kyle from Death Machine......Featured Bikes: Miller Time, Palm Tree Express, Giddy Up Pan, Geltz Shovel, Colorado Kool Aid, Devil in a Blue Dress, Blackberry, Texas Tea, Ruby Tuesday, Soldier's Dream

  • LOWSIDE Magazine #14

    LOWSIDE Magazine #14

    24 Bikes + interviews with Paul Cox & Choppahead - 120 pages!NYC Shovel - Craigs Shovel - Suicide Machine - Company - HWZN Bross 67 FLH - Hajime's 59 Pan - Love Hunter Garage - 77 FXE - 66 Shovelhead - Sweet Veet - Choppahead - 87 Evo - The Dragon - 82 Shovel - Knuckle Deep - 47 EL Knuckle to FL - Janpanese Shovel - 62 T120C - RZ350 - Josh's T_Sport - Betty Ford.

  • Dirty Love Magazine #04

    Dirty Love Magazine #04

    Contents: Capt’ Small Sword – Junior’s XS650 – Around the Shed: Kustom Kommune – Forbidden Arts – Bankstown 2014 – Biff’s Shovel – Geelong HD – Electrickery – Busted Knuckles – Retropop Art – Cosmic Fuzz (Cover: Nick’s Bonneville Chop) – Slinging Ink: Tom Burrey – Ren’s Pan – Garage Built – Doomsday 2014 – Mystery Bag Triumph – Albany Bike Show – Daz’s Hot Hod – Pin-Up Pinball – Chopper Pedia – Chopper Porn – Events Calendar – Batman64 pages, plus cover.

  • Greasy Kulture Magazine #39

    Greasy Kulture Magazine #39

    Dr Sprocket rides his Knuck through Texas; Cro Customs – Caleb’s FrankenPan; Roller Magazine editor Kota and his XLCH; From Oz, Mark Bailey’s early ‘70s Shovel; Allan from Copenhagen’s daily ridden ‘41 Indian Chief; Todd Asin’s BF5 Triumph... crazy cool, dad; Mike Davis and the Knuck he shoulda kept; Sumo’s Panther chopper... yeah, you heard!